The quality of the food we eat and how we choose to move our bodies profoundly affects the degree of well-being we experience.  Many imbalances in the body can be addressed and corrected through diet and lifestyle changes.

Yoga Therapy

Private, One on One Yoga Therapy Sessions $125.00/initial session (including assessment and personalized yoga program), $100.00/follow up session (or initial session if personalized plan is not desired). See packages listed below.

Private yoga is recommended for those who are coming to yoga with specific health concerns, for those who would like to work more extensively on an area of practice, for beginners who would like more personalized instruction or for those who would just prefer to do yoga in the privacy of their own home. Randi will develop safe, customized programs to meet the unique needs of each student both physically and emotionally. Randi’s training in yoga therapy combines yoga poses with subtle alignment adjustments and props if necessary, to teach your body and mind how to move toward its optimal form. When the body is in its own optimal alignment (every body is different!) you will have maximum range of motion, strength and stamina. Circulation flows, bringing nutrients and life into all areas, and all parts of the body work together as one. This wholeness encourages the body to heal itself, which is what your body is designed to do!


3 x One on One Yoga Sessions (including initial session with personalized yoga plan and two follow ups) $305.00

5 x One on One Yoga Sessions (including initial session with personalized yoga plan and four follow ups) $455.00

10 x One on One Yoga Sessions (including initial session with personalized yoga plan and nine follow ups) $800.00, all follow ups there after are $75.00, including regular updates to personalized yoga plan to ensure progression.

Maximum of 1 participant.

Perfect Balance, Yoga and Nutrition Package from $225 (depending on the number of follow ups desired)

The embodiment of Samana, this package includes one initial nutritional consult along with one personalized yoga session. Other packages can be customized to suit your needs by combining any of the above services. Please contact Randi to help build a program that is right for you!

Customized In-home Parties/Classes 1-5 people-$25/person, 6-10 people-$20/person, Min charge is $100

Fun, informative and done in the comfort of your own home! Randi will come into your home and customize a 1 hr workshop, either nutritional or yoga based. Popular topics for nutritional workshops include: holistic nutrition 101, heart healthy diets, balancing blood sugar, fighting stress, increasing immunity, sustainable weight loss, cleansing and detoxification nutritional label reading, healthy eating on a budget, pre and post natal nutrition, creating healthy habits in our children, recipe makeovers and chemical free living. Yoga can be presented as a workshop or a class. Workshops can include topics like Yoga for stress and anxiety or they can focus on a specific part of the body where attention is needed. Classes can be in the style of Therapeutic, Hatha, Vinyassa, Restorative Yoga. Please contact Randi to discuss topics or yoga styles and fee structure. Combine Yoga and Nutrition (2 hr) at a discounted rate.

Workplace Wellness or Lunch and Learn See above pricing schedule

Enjoy a 1 hour workshop or yoga class designed to motivate your staff to be healthy, stress free and more productive. Please see above list for sample topics or contact Randi with your idea for a workshop or style of Yoga class.


Holistic Nutrition

Initial Consultation $150.00

The initial session will consist of meeting with you one on one to discuss your individual goals and concerns.  Through the use of comprehensive forms, a diet diary (which you would submit prior to the session) and dialogue I will analyze your current diet and lifestyle choices.  You will leave with a personalized and sustainable plan for action. 75-90 min.

Follow-up Sessions $60.00

As all things in life, health is a continual journey.  In the follow-up sessions, we will review your plan and  your progress in order to assess any changes that have occurred within your body or mind and adjust the plan accordingly.  Follow-up sessions provide you with the support and tweaking you need to stay on track with your goals. 45-60 min.

Consult Package $240.00

This package includes initial consultation, two follow-up sessions, recipes and email support. Perfect for anyone interested in sustainable health improvement.

Personalized Detox Program $150.00 (must have done an initial consultation)

We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis, not only from environmental sources but from the additives, preservatives, stimulants and other chemicals that permeate our food. Our bodies are not capable of eliminating all the toxins that we ingest every day through refined and processed foods. They simply accumulate in our cells and remain there, causing a multitude of health problems.  Learn how to rid your body of these toxins by employing a nutrient rich eating and lifestyle plan. This program includes an initial nutritional consult and an individualized nutritional protocol for dynamic detoxification as well as weekly e-chats to track progress.

Week Menu Plan $80.00

Designed with your specific needs in mind, you will receive a 7 day menu plan and recipe booklet. Must have already completed an Initial Consultation.

Grocery Store Tours $75.00

Randi will take you grocery shopping and teach you how to shop healthfully and cost effectively. Learn how to read labels and decipher the mixed marketing messages of food packaging. Includes a healthy shopping list along with a handout of tips to help you navigate the grocery store. An educational experience that will last a lifetime! 75 min.

Pantry Makeover $65.00

Randi will come into your home and together you will go through your kitchen cabinets and fridge to help you discover foods that are sabotaging your health. She will create a list of alternatives for you and teach you how to stock your kitchen for optimum nutrition. 60-75 min.

Grocery Store Tour and Pantry Makeover Package $125.00

A great way to begin your journey towards a healthier you.

Private Cooking Lessons  $250/2.5 hour session  (includes all food and recipes)

Invite Randi into your home for your very own private one-on-one cooking lesson. You create your own session! Whether it’s learning how to cook for yourself, your family, hosting a dinner party for friends or even if you just want to be functional in the kitchen, Randi will teach you basics of how to make simple delicious meals in the comfort of your own home. She has a passion for nutrition and a natural ability to share her knowledge with others. Her passion encompasses a philosophy that focuses on whole and natural foods intended to nourish and promote health and wellbeing.

Maximum of 3 participants.


*Please note that there is a 24hour cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled appointment. Thank-you for your understanding. 

*All prices include GST

*In cases of financial difficulty, please contact us to find out more about our sliding scale rates*

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